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Identifying the Different Retina Conditions and Their Symptoms

Retina Conditions and Their Symptoms

Within the human eye, there’s the retina: the gateway to your perception of the world. It is the delicate layer of tissue responsible for converting light into nerve signals that the brain interprets as images. But because it is so fragile, various conditions can affect it, leading to vision impairment or even blindness. Here are […]

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The Connection Between Glaucoma and Eye Pressure: How Surgery Can Help

Glaucoma and Eye Pressure

Glaucoma is a debilitating eye disease that can lead to permanent vision loss and even blindness. So much so that 2020 reports suggest about 80 million people have glaucoma worldwide, projected to increase to over 111 million by 2040. Additionally, glaucoma costs the U.S. economy $2.86 billion every year in direct costs and productivity expenses.  […]

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Corneal Transplant Surgery: Causes, Types, Recovery

Corneal Transplant Surgery

The cornea is the clear, dome-shaped structure on the eye’s front surface, which plays a pivotal role in vision by contributing to the refractive power, focusing light rays on the retina, and protecting the structures inside the eye. If the cornea is damaged, or if you have a genetic condition affecting the cornea, then your […]

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Understanding Glaucoma Surgery: Types, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

Glaucoma Surgery & Treatment

Glaucoma is a spectrum of eye diseases that cause permanent damage to the optic nerve through increased pressure inside the eye. Accounting for the vision loss of over 6.7 million people worldwide, it is the leading cause of blindness—irreversible without glaucoma surgery.  But you can stop the invasive disease before it develops by understanding the […]

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Center For Sight Accepting Applications for Free Cataract Surgeries

Jon Berlie, MD | Mission Cataract

Center For Sight Accepting Applications for Free Cataract SurgeriesDeadline for submission: May 26, 2023 (April 11, 2023, Naples, FL) – Center For Sight, one of the nation’s leading ophthalmology practices, is accepting applications for free cataract surgery through Mission Cataract, an annual event where Center For Sight performs sight-saving cataract surgeries at no-cost for individuals […]

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US Eye/Center For Sight ‘Better Together Employee Relief Fund’ to support team members impacted by Hurricane Ian

At US Eye/Center For Sight we are incredibly proud of our amazing staff who make the impossible possible and change people’s lives, through the gift of sight, every day. Our team was devastated to witness the destruction left behind by Hurricane Ian in Southwest Florida, impacting over 300 of our hard-working employees and their families […]

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Floaters After Cataract Surgery: Is It Normal?

Technology surrounding the close up of an eye to examine for floaters after cataract surgery

Cataract surgery can help you see clearly again when cataracts significantly affect your vision, making it hard to see, read, or recognize facial expressions. It’s a procedure where your surgeon removes the eye’s cloudy lens and replaces it with an artificial lens. While cataract surgery can help improve your vision, some patients may notice eye […]

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What Is the Recovery Time for Cataract Surgery?

A birds eye view of a patient undergoing cataract surgery

Vision care starts with consistency, and visiting your optometrist for regular eye exams can help ensure you’re enjoying optimal vision. Your optometrist can also check for the development of eye diseases such as cataracts.  When cataracts advance to a stage where they begin preventing you from activities of daily life such as reading or driving, […]

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