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Center For Sight Achieves Fourth Consecutive, Three-Year Term National “Best Practices” AAAHC Accreditation

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Center For Sight, the premier vision, cosmetic and skin care practice in Southwest Florida, has achieved its fourth consecutive endorsement of the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). Each endorsement serves as a three-year term of certification that distinguishes Center For Sight as an outpatient facility providing the utmost in quality care to its patients.


The accreditation Center For Sight received involved an extensive, independent assessment by the AAAHC organization, followed by an on-site review conducted by AAAHC surveyors – physicians, nurses and administrators who themselves are actively involved in ambulatory healthcare. The survey is consultative and educational, and presents best practices to help organizations enhance the care and services they provide. Not all that undergo the rigorous survey process are granted accreditation.


To achieve AAAHC accreditation means that Center For Sight has undergone the thorough survey of its policies and practices, and met nationally recognized standards for the provision of quality healthcare. The AAAHC certificate of accreditation is a sign that Center For Sight has committed to providing highest-quality care and demonstrated this commitment through an on-going process of self-evaluation, peer review and education to continuously improve.


“Our patients deserve the very best,” said Dr. David Shoemaker, Founder and Director of Cataract and Lens Replacement Surgery. “When you see our certificate of AAAHC accreditation, you know that we appreciate and respect our patients enough to strive for only the absolute best quality of services and care possible.”



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Written by Center for Sight

Center For Sight is one of the nation’s leading multi-disciplinary physician groups. We provide ophthalmology, optometry, dermatology, audiology, and aesthetic services. With several locations throughout Southwest Florida, we proudly offer our patients convenient access to nationally-renowned surgeons, compassionate staff members, and cutting-edge technology.

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